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Sharon B.

Felicia's Believe cards are a wonderful source of daily inspiration. The messages are clear and uplifting and paired with  lovely visual images that help us reconnect with spirit."

Tom N.

Got your book today. I am about half way through my first read. You thanked Byron Katie at one point. Did not know you were a fan. I used "The Work" with clients frequently. Beliefs can completely stop a person from functioning, so asking the four questions can be liberating.

Shenna L.

I have personally had some very powerful experiences with Dear Ones whom have Crossed Over through the years.  In times of deep  grief it becomes so easy to forget they are " right there "...just a chat or thought away....sometimes more profoundly than when they were here in the physical.


What an incredible offering these cards bring :) Reawakening One to Stop...Connect ... Heal ... Believe.  Thank You Felicia for not giving up ...for  continuing getting this wonderful Creation manifested to assist everyone in this knowing .   


Interesting in that although I have looked through them , I seem to keep pulling the same card over and over again.  " In your grieving, can You keep your heart open so it can sing and fly free helping to surround you with peace."    great insight opening a path to go deeper :)  Thank You .  

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