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What to Wear

This is a suggested list of items you may want to where or pack for your adventure in reconnecting with nature.

Layers are key.  Depending on where you live and hike, the time of year will determine the thickness of the layers you wear.  The first layer should be made from wick away material to pull sweat away from your body.  The second layer will absorb the sweat and help to retain heat, such as fleece or merino wool.  The third layer is an outer shell to protect you from wind and weather.


For example, in summer, I wear a wick-away t-shirt with a long-sleeved sunshade shirt over it. In my pack, I have rain gear along with zip-on hiking pants to protect my legs from the brush and I can zip-off into shorts if it gets too hot. Wearing a cooling neck gaiter that can be soaked in a passing stream can help cool you down when hot.

​In the winter, I wear wick-away long underwear, a turtleneck and fleece under my winter waterproof coat. On the bottom, I wear snow pants with gaiters over my shoes and pants to prevent snow from getting into my shoes. The gaiters act as an extra layer of warmth.

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