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Wild Nature

Rediscover Your Connection to Mother Earth

A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Inner Wild Child


by Felicia Mendygral

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Rediscover Your Connection to Mother Earth

A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Inner Wild Child

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About the Author


Felicia Mendygral is most alive when wandering wild spaces of all sorts, from glorious expanses of wilderness to her own backyard. She is wholeheartedly committed to nurturing healthy relationships between humans and nature through immersive, nature-based, experiential education that is accessible to all learners.

Felicia has a degree in Education. In her career as a Trainer, Felicia has facilitated and developed technical courses for over 20 years.  As an educator and naturalist, she has been facilitating Wildernessing adventures in Colorado.  She is a member of the Generative Council Collective, Center for Nature Leadership and works as an apprentice guide for GC’s “Growing Your Best Self” workshop. Felicia has worked as a seasonal naturalist at Mueller State Park and as a volunteer naturalist in the Colorado State Park system for over 15 years.  She created Wildernessing in 2019 to help busy people slow down in Nature, breathe and connect with Nature’s wisdom.  She continues to offer adventures while social distancing. 

Felicia enjoys kayaking the flat waters of the Pikes Peak reservoirs and the peace of stand-up-paddle boarding local

lakes. She has been practicing Nature based spirituality since 1995 and has a circle of beautiful women who meet monthly to expand their hearts and minds.  She is a self-proclaimed hummingbird, helping to connect people with other people, ideas, and practices.  Wherever she visits, hiking is a priority to get into a park to explore and see all that nature has to offer.  When not communing with nature, Felicia enjoys Virtual Reality, pickleball, reading, climbing and yoga.


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Sharon B.

Felicia's Believe cards are a wonderful source of daily inspiration. The messages are clear and uplifting and paired with  lovely visual images that help us reconnect with spirit."

Tom N.

Got your book today. I am about half way through my first read. You thanked Byron Katie at one point. Did not know you were a fan. I used "The Work" with clients frequently. Beliefs can completely stop a person from functioning, so asking the four questions can be liberating.

Shenna L.

I have personally had some very powerful experiences with Dear Ones whom have Crossed Over through the years.  In times of deep  grief it becomes so easy to forget they are " right there "...just a chat or thought away....sometimes more profoundly than when they were here in the physical.


What an incredible offering these cards bring :) Reawakening One to Stop...Connect ... Heal ... Believe.  Thank You Felicia for not giving up ...for  continuing getting this wonderful Creation manifested to assist everyone in this knowing .   


Interesting in that although I have looked through them , I seem to keep pulling the same card over and over again.  " In your grieving, can You keep your heart open so it can sing and fly free helping to surround you with peace."    great insight opening a path to go deeper :)  Thank You .  

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